The 5 Components for Your Healthiest Lifestyle

What does it actually mean to live your healthiest lifestyle? Health is an extremely broad topic can be broken down into five components. Each of these components is just as important as the others as they are all interconnected. It is challenging to maintain all of them, but the more balanced you can be, the better you will feel in your energy and mood. Here are the five components for your healthiest lifestyle and simple strategies you can implement to improve each of them.

The 5 Components for Your Healthiest Lifestyle + Simple Strategies to Improve Each

1. Physical

Physical health allows us to get through our daily activities with sufficient energy. It also involves the ability to listen to our bodies and take notice of any warning bells.

What to do:

-eat nutritious food and drink lots of water

-move your body for at least one hour (cumulatively) a day five days a week

-get 7-9 hours of sleep a night

treat minor illnesses or injuries and make doctor appointments as necessary

-avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption


2. Emotional

Emotional health involves an awareness of our thoughts and feelings as well as being able to share those with others in a constructive way – even “negative” emotions. It also allows us to cope with the challenges of life.

What to do:

-learn and implement strategies to manage and reduce stress

-set priorities and balance obligations

-accept mistakes as part of the learning process

-use conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth

-get support from a mental health professional when needed


3. Mental

Mental health involves being open minded toward new experiences and ideas. It stimulates curiosity and a desire to learn and understand.

What to do:

-engage in creative activities – drawing, writing, colouring, music, baking, etc

-make time for personal interests and hobbies

-try different experiences and learn new skills

-keep up with current events locally and around the world

-take time to read – whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, online or on paper


4. Spiritual

Spiritual health is achieved when our actions and values line up in our behaviour. It involves having a personal meaning and purpose in your life.

What to do:

-regularly reflect on your values, goals, and actions

-build a meditation practice

-find an organization or charity to support with your time, money, or other resources

-engage in practices specific to your belief system, e.g., prayer

-be respectful of other people’s beliefs


5. Relational

Relational health allows us to connect with others such as our family, friends, coworkers, and new people. It involves establishing and maintaining fulfilling relationships.

What to do:

-plan ways to spend time with others, invite them

-seek out and participate in community events

-work toward resolution when conflict arises

-overall treat others with respect and honesty

-initiate relationships with those who have different viewpoints or lifestyles than you as well


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Of course, it is unrealistic to expect to be doing exceptionally well at all of the components all of the time. I don’t think anyone can sustain that. Just be mindful of which areas you feel good about and which could use some work. Remember that when one is out of whack, it can begin to effect the others. Reflect regularly on these and add in healthy behaviours within the different components as necessary.


Which of the five components for your healthiest lifestyle do you excel at? Which do you struggle with?


PS – I won a trip on the radio (Yes, it really does happen to people, haha.) so I will be away next week and there will be no new posts. I should be back in action for August 2nd. Have a great week!


The 5 Components for Your Healthiest Lifestyle + Simple Strategies to Improve Each