4 Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa for You

It’s easy to see why selecting the right sofa is one of the most important decisions you can make. In fact, so much about your home life revolves around this key furnishing item. 

Whether it be relaxing after work or hosting friends and family for an evening in front of the TV – these activities all center on what type (or styles) of couch best suits you and them. Whether lounging with a book while relaxing after your busy weekday schedules or sitting back watching some telly, the sofa is key.

Here are four top tips on aspects you have to take into account when choosing your sofa.

1. Pick Out a Color That Works with Your Space

The sofa color is one of the biggest decisions to make. There are so many different decisions you can make here, for example, a bright statement piece like bold red or green fabric with gold threading. 

Or you could also go neutral and choose something classic such as black, which will blend in nicely without being too loud about its presence on any given surface while still making an impactful ensemble when coupled up against other items around its size range, like the curtains.


2. Choose a Style That Suits Your Home

A sofa can be the perfect addition to any living space. You don’t want your new couch’s style conflicting with what you already have, so take this into account when shopping – though there will always be exceptions.

If side tables and other traditional pieces are more than enough decor in a contemporary home or vice versa: purchase a mix that works together as one cohesive statement piece for all of its elements.


3. Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are a neat single or a couple, you may just get away with any type and color of sofa. However, pets and or kids or even messy guests can change all of that. That’s why investing in a stain resistant upholstery fabric sofa will save you time and money in the long run.

Stain resistant sofas are excellent for families with small children or pets or when you need furniture that can very easily be cleaned. Most stains can be removed using only water, but for a more challenging stain, it’s best to use a small amount of standard white household soap.


4. Be Mindful Of The Arm Style

One of the most overlooked aspects of a sofa is its arm style. With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you! Winged or clean-lined? 

Undersized and oversized all depend on your personal preferences: whether they need more space or not, as much room between them might also come into play depending on if any children will be using this particular seat in their own living spaces later down the road too.

A good idea before buying anything new would seem like testing out these pieces first – ensuring that while sturdy enough when needed, they’re also comfortable against our skin without causing uncomfortable points along certain areas where we spend long periods on the sofa.