Natural Spider Repellent for Indoors DIY

I just learned that it’s actually a myth that spiders begin to invade homes from outdoors in the fall, however, they do become more visible which is what led to this misconception. You see more spiders because fall is mating season for many species, so they are out on the town. (Ew, right?) When I was vacuuming my house a couple weeks ago, I too noticed a lot more spiderwebs had developed along my baseboards and in the corners of my living room.  Regardless of the reason for their presence, I am mostly interested in just keeping them away from me. Here is an easy, natural spider repellent DIY that is so much safer and healthier than mainstream pesticides.

Natural Spider Repellent

2 oz distilled water

3 drops peppermint essential oil*


Combine ingredients in a spray bottle, tinted is best.

Store in a cool, dark place.


To use, spray along window screens, door frames, baseboards, corners, or anywhere else you particularly find spiders in your home.

Be sure to have cleaned up all webs and removed any egg sacs if necessary.

Shake before each use. Apply as often as once a week.

Another option is to drop essential oil straight onto cotton balls and set them out in your home.

*I have read that tea tree or citrus essential oils can work as well, though I haven’t tried them personally.


Apparently spiders do not like strong scents which is why peppermint essential oil keeps them away. I started doing this two and a half weeks ago, and I have only had one spider web return. To be honest, I hadn’t cleaned that one away very well originally, so that is an important step. Since removing that web the second time, I have had no webs return, and I haven’t seen any more spiders themselves either. Success! I’m thinking I might even try taking this outside to my patio and see if it works there as well.


How do you keep your home spider-free?