Bye Bye Blackheads Homemade Scrub

Blackheads, those dark, clogged pores, are no fun. They’re typically caused by an overproduction of oil. We all know we’re not supposed to pick at or squeeze them no matter how tempting, so what can we do to get rid of them? Use this natural, homemade scrub.

It’s simple to make and the few ingredients required are all common household ingredients. The exfoliants used are baking soda and sugar which are gentler than others making it a better choice for use on your face. Here is the recipe for the Bye Bye Blackheads Homemade Scrub.

Bye Bye Blackheads Homemade Scrub Recipe DIY

Bye-Bye Blackheads Scrub
recipe adapted from Eco-Beauty

1 tbsp granulated sugar

1 tbsp baking soda

1 tsp water

Place sugar and baking soda into a small bowl.

Add water and mix.

To use, massage mixture onto wet skin for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat face dry.

Whenever I use this scrub, my face feels and looks younger. It’s bright and tight with rosy cheeks. My face is also so soft and smooth compared to before the scrub. I have found it helps with blackheads as well as other skin blemishes.

Because of the tightness I feel after using the scrub, I like to follow it with my homemade facial oil, and the next morning I feel radiant. You do not want to overuse this (or any) exfoliating scrub though. I would recommend once or twice a week at most.

How do you deal with blackheads?