Relax tips for your phone usage

Living in the 21st century, life has become so stressful. People are always very busy with plenty of activities and chores to do and accomplish. Finding that elusive work-life balance can be a source of stress. Gadgets have helped us a lot in our daily lives but they have also caused stress. Though gadgets, smartphones specifically, are the reason why we have become more stressed, you can also use your phone to destress.

Tip 1

The most important thing that you can do is to have some alone time. Sometimes, simply listening to music can help you relax. So go to your cave, put on your headphones, cover your eyes, and play some chill music. If your mind is too wired, get comfortable on your couch or bed and play some games, maybe some Plants vs Zombies or Candy Crush or phone casino. It will surely take your mind off things and help you relax.

Tip 2

There are several apps that guide you into relaxation and meditation. Apps like HeadSpace or Breathe2Relax guide you through meditation and relaxation exercises. Allow the app to teach you some physical and mental exercises to release stress and tension.If you want to wind down, another thing that you can do is listen to white noise or soothing sounds just to destress and calm down. You can use apps like Noisili for this.

Tip 3

When your mind and heart are filled with worries, fears, anxieties, and doubts, you can let them all out by writing them down on your phone’s notepad. Sometimes, it helps release all of them than to keep them inside. This way, when you just write them all down, you let go of the toxic stuff and not affect anyone else. Releasing all those negative emotions will help you detoxify your mind and heart.

Tip 4

Another relaxing thing that you can do on your phone is use it as a virtual stress ball. Like a normal, physical stress ball that you squeeze and squish, you can do the same to your phone. Vent your pent-up emotions by shaking your phone and lightly squeezing the sides. You will feel your phone vibrate as you do so. The slower you shake, the slower the vibration. The harder you shake, the stronger the vibration. It just might be best to do this in private, behind closed doors.

Tip 5

Bet you didn’t know that watching fish swim can lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and make you feel happy. And this is scientific fact, proven through research. There is something relaxing about aquariums. You can download virtual aquariums on your phone and be mesmerized and find yourself more relaxed after.