The perfect road trip to expand your horizons

Traveling allows you to see a place that may be so similar or quite different from what you are used to. It lets you see similar or different lifestyles, habits, and cultures. As you know more about the world around you, it undoubtedly helps broaden your horizons and opens your mind to accept ideas and concepts more. 


Anchorage, Alaska 

Anchorage, Alaska is also known as the City of Lights and Flowers. Anchorage enthralls its visitors with picturesque snowy mountain ranges, glaciers, clear lakes, and flourishing flora and fauna. It is not surprising to bump into any of the wild animals in Anchorage. Bears, moose, lynxes, and timberwolves sightings are regular occurrences in cities. If you are lucky to be near the harbor, you may see some beluga whales passing through. Though home might be a ways off, Opa Locka titles loans may help through difficult times. Must-see sites would be the Chugach Mountains and the Portage Glacier, and you must try salmon fishing. Visiting the place lets you see how wonderfully wildlife and people can co-exist in this piece of heaven.  


Amalfi Coast, Italy 

The Amalfi Coast is in Salerno Province in the southern part of Italy. It has a total land area of 112.30 square kilometers and is a popular tourist destination in the country. Try to avoid the crowds during the height of summer. Spring and autumn are the best times to go on a road trip here. You can check out the volcanic garden in Ischia, then drop by the beautiful cities of Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi. And make sure you don’t miss visiting Pompeii. As you go around, make it into a gastronomic affair as well and feast on seafood that is plentiful in the region. Since most of the roads along the coast are narrow, it is best to explore this part of the world on 2 wheels. You will be able to appreciate how the locals and the government are able to preserve the pristine condition of the place and stay true to its heritage despite its popularity. 


Ring of Kerry, Ireland 

The Ring of Kerry gives you a glimpse of the quiet life and natural beauty of the landscape – not to mention storms and gales – of the Inveragh Peninsula. From Killarney, take a quick stop and enjoy plodding around the city center, which is also ranks 23rd as the most popular destinations in Europe. Make sure you grab some Irish coffee or have a quick bite at an Irish pub. Moving down south will bring you to Ross Castle, Torc Waterfall, and Ladies View. The latter will take your breath away at how awesome the world was created, offering stunning views of County Kerry and the lakes that surround Killarney. Moving southwest brings you to the town of Sneem where you can walk around and chat with the residents and have a meal. As you drive along, you will see beaches, which will make you pull over and lounge around to soak up some rays and play with the soft waves. Lough Caragh is another must-see if you are keen on catching some salmon. After driving 215 kilometers and seeing some mean sights, grab a pint of Guinness at a pub to reward yourself for a job well done going around the Ring of Kerry.