4 DIY Air Fresheners for Your Home

Who doesn’t like a fresh and calming smell lingering around their home? We all do, yet most ready-made fresheners, sold at the local convenience store are laden with chemicals even chemistry professors haven’t heard of, not to mention, the pricing is often far too steep. In our humble opinion, the air we breathe is already polluted enough – why make it worse by inhaling toxic fumes you can easily skip on?


The good news is DIY home fresheners have been enjoying an ever growing popularity for the past few years and there is a good reason why. They are easy on one’s budget, require minutes to prepare and won’t have a negative impact on your overall well-being. We have compiled a short list of four DIY air fresheners that are trendy at the moment, so check them out!

4 DIY Air Fresheners for Your Home

Orange Peel Candle

We are ecstatic at this idea! If you do like to eat oranges on a regular basis, you can easily put their fragrant peels to good use, instead of merely throwing them away. The orange peel freshener comes in the form of a candle and can be prepared in a matter of minutes, literally.


For the purpose you will need an orange (sliced in half), canola or olive oil and a spoon to scrape the fleshy part of the orange. Once the flesh is removed, fill ¾ of the peel with the oil, but be careful – the inside stem should not be removed as it will serve as a wick for your candle. Make sure you leave the oil sit for at least half an hour as this will allow the orange and the stem to absorb it better. Then simply light the wick with a cigarette lighter – this might take a while, but it will work, trust us!


Cinnamon Lined Candle

Most people are crazy about the fragrance of cinnamon, as it has the power to transfer us back to our childhood, reminding us of those yummy cookies grandma used to prepare on Sundays. Interestingly enough, cinnamon and its scent boast a variety of valuable medicinal properties, too! For instance, its sweet fragrance is said to improve memory and delay cognitive impairment. It can even help you slim down a little bit as the scent curbs appetite and therefore, reduces your food intake.


Preparing a natural cinnamon freshener is beyond simple. You will need a round, pillar candle (two to three inches in diameter), several cinnamon sticks, a hot-glue gun, a knife and a small saucer to place the candle in. Cut the sticks to fit the length of your candle and glue them vertically until they cover it completely. Your candle will not only be aesthetic but the sweet cinnamon smell wafting through the air will lend your home a serene, calming atmosphere.



It seems like pomanders will never go out of style. In fact, these natural air fresheners have been enjoying a tremendous popularity since the Victorian era, when guests commonly offered them as Christmas gifts to their hosts. What’s so great about pomander air fresheners is that you are faced with hundreds of options. You can craft one from most types of fruit but oranges, lemons, apples and tangerines are most commonly used for the purpose.


Punch small holes in the fruit in a pattern of your liking and stick cloves inside. You can decorate your pomander with bows and ribbons if you like. Another advantage the pomander has to offer results from the fact its smell is preserved for months, sometimes even years. Clapham After Tenancy Cleaning suggests placing one in your closet or drawers to keep them fresh-smelling and moth-free.


Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers’ popularity seems to be increasing as of late and there is a good reason why. These are easy and inexpensive to craft as the only materials, required for the purpose are essential oil, baby oil, bamboo sticks, and an elegant vase. Ribbons for decoration are optional.


All you have to do is fill the vase with a small amount of essential oils (dilute with water if you wish), add the baby oil and place the bamboo sticks inside. The essential and baby oils will diffuse through the bamboo sticks, filling your home with pleasant, calming scent.

We suggest you change the ingredients you use to prepare your DIY fresheners once in a while, the reason being the olfactory receptors, responsible for odour detection, tend to adapt to smells they are frequently exposed to.

Make sure you give these four DIY air fresheners a try! We are 100% convinced you will fall in love with their irresistible fragrance just like we did.

Which DIY air fresheners will you try? How do you keep your home smelling nice?