8 Practical Tips for Going Braless

I wrote before about my decision to go braless and the health and wellness benefits I’ve experienced in doing so. It started some really interesting conversations especially on Instagram which I was totally stoked about. Today I want to go through 8 practical tips for going braless in hopes of encouraging others to try it out.

1. Accept Your Breasts as They Are

This is first and foremost. Boobs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and our nipples vary just as widely as well – none better than another. When you can accept your breasts, you will be less worried about what everyone else thinks of them.


2. Layer Up

Wearing two layers (or more) will camouflage your lack of a bra. I especially like shirts or dresses that have a lace or sheer overlay on them. Putting on a vest, jacket, or blazer can also act as a second layer.


3. Choose Fit and Structure

Fitted and structured clothing will better hold and support your chest. Honestly, I don’t worry about this too much because my breasts are small. However, the additional support can help those with larger breasts feel more comfortable.


4. Wear Sweaters

We’re heading into the coldest part of the year, so this is your perfect opportunity to try going braless under a sweater. You’re probably wearing sweaters already – you’re halfway there! The thicker material of a sweater will better conceal any nippin going on.


5. Adjust Those Straps

When possible, tighten adjustable straps as needed to provide extra support and structure. For tops with straps that are not adjustable, you might consider sewing them shorter.


6. Exercise in a Shelf Tank

Okay, I will admit it. Working out is one time when I sometimes do find a feel the need for a bra – especially at a certain time of the month. Tank tops with built-in shelf bras are my favourite option for vigorous exercise and running.


7. Try Adhesives

I will be upfront and say I have never tried any of these; however, they are an option you may want to consider. There are a variety of paper, cloth, and silicone pasties to cover your nipples. Or you can use double-sided fashion tape to keep low necklines in place.


8. Screw It

Guess what? I have nipples. So do you. So does everyone. Why should I be ashamed of them? I don’t go as far as wearing completely sheer tops with nothing underneith. But if I get cold while wearing something thin and people can see the outline of my nipples – so what? It’s taken me these years of transitioning to braless to get to this place. Now I feel more confident and empowered being able to say, “Screw it,” to these and any other so-called rules.


Because all women’s breasts are different, every woman will have a different experience of going braless. What works for me may not work for you. It really comes down to a personal choice about comfort and preference. We should all be accepting of what each woman chooses to wear or not wear. And remember, you are way more aware of not wearing a bra than anyone else who is looking at you.


Do you wear a bra? If not, what are your tips for going braless?